Avon Methodist ChurchAvon Methodist ChurchThe town of Avon began when Ira Woods and several other Woods families settled here. Between 1835 and 1843 the settlement was called Woodsville. Over the next few years other families from the eastern states, Indiana, Kentucky, the British Isles, and France settled here also. Among these was Eloi Malliard, who was a personal valet of Joseph Bonaparte, brother to Napoleon. Due to confusion with other area towns, Woodsville was changed to Woodstock, and then later to Avon.

When the Northern Cross railroad was built through town, Avon’s population nearly doubled and business prospered. Remnants of this prosperous past can be seen in the nicely maintained, large, older homes along S. Main Street / Illinois Route 41. The Federated church has impressive stained glass windows visible from the road as does the Methodist church on Washington Street. The town’s railroad “Depot” is preserved in Avcom Park located on the northeast edge of town which is also the site of the annual Fat Steer Show. Here also are a ballfield and preserved steam-powered tractor. Camping, fishing, and other recreation are available at Avondale Lake on the east edge of town for a daily fee.

Avon also offers convenience stores, gas, restaurant, ATM banking, medical clinic, library, and antique stores.


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