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Native American Exhibit at Dickson MoundsNative American Exhibit at Dickson MoundsThe early history of central Illinois, including Fulton County, is little more than legend, depicting prehistoric Indians, French explorers, Indian tribes, and early white settlers. For decades accounts have passed from generation to generation keeping this heritage alive. These legends are an integral part of personal affiliations in the lives of Fulton County residents. As a recognized center of historical and cultural interest, the area is renowned for Native American archaeology, agricultural evolution, literary achievements, and many other distinctive events.

Fulton County was home to one of the highest concentrations of prehistoric man in the Americas, with more than 3,000 sites of ancient people recorded here. Hundreds of earthen mounds represent sites of ceremony, burial, and living, littered with the debris of centuries of Native American occupation. The rich archaeological heritage of Fulton County was almost immediately noticed by Europeans who began settling the region around 1820. Early publications and historians’ accounts frequently make reference to Indian sites and chance archaeological discoveries.