Historic Homes and Sturctures

Historic Home, VermontHistoric Home, VermontReminders of a prosperous past can be seen in the grandeur and variety of architectural styles preserved in the remaining historic homes scattered around the county. Concentrations of these are found in several communities including Astoria, Avon, Canton, Lewistown, and Vermont. Especially interesting is a group of 15 privately owned homes in Vermont that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Canton also has a significant number of historic homes, mostly located in the west side of town and along 1st Avenue. Particularly impressive is a home known as “Redcrest” (the U.G. Orendorff Mansion) located at 345 Elm Street. These are glimpses of a gilded age when business was good and residents prospered.

Pieces of the history of Fulton County can be seen while traveling the county with a watchful eye. Remnants of historic one-room schools, business districts, public buildings, bridges, and abandoned rail lines tell the story of the past. Today these structures are rapidly disappearing. Two one-room schools are restored and preserved on the grounds of Dickson Mounds Museum near a restored octagonal Plank Road Toll Booth that once stood near Canton. Exhibits are available for viewing in all of these structures.

Plank Road Toll BoothPlank Road Toll BoothHistoric business districts can be found in Astoria, Canton, Cuba, Farmington, and Lewistown. Some retain their integrity and others have undergone efforts to return them to their former grandeur. Among these are the restored Ellisville Post Office/Bank, and Opera House, which once again hosts a schedule of performances and other events.

Restored railroad depots are found in Canton and Lewistown, and one of the few remaining iron bridges across Spoon River can be found at Bernadotte.