Illinois River BluffIllinois River BluffFulton County’s deep ravines, creek bottoms, and abundant crops growing on rich farmland provide the right mix of habitat and food for healthy deer and turkey populations. Hunters and hunting outfitters come to Fulton County from distant states in search of trophy White-tailed deer. Private land turkey and deer hunting opportunities in Fulton County can be found on the Internet. Contact information for Illinois licensed outfitters is available from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Public land deer hunting opportunities exist at Banner Marsh and Rice Lake State Fish and Wildlife Areas (archery only) and at the Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge, but it is public land waterfowl hunting that is in greatest supply in Fulton County. Snow Geese at EmiquonSnow Geese at Emiquon Rice Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area and Anderson Lake Conservation Area both feature large floodplain lakes along the Illinois River, providing important Illinois River Flyway habitat for migrating waterfowl and popular waterfowl hunting opportunities as well. Hunting blinds are assigned for the coming season through a drawing held on the last Sunday in July at each site.

Banner Marsh State Fish and Wildlife Area offers a great waterfowl hunting opportunity for those new to the sport or who don’t own all the gear. Hunting parties that win during the site’s early morning drawing, get the use of one of 26 hunting blinds, a boat with oars, life jackets, and 2 dozen decoys for the day, all for only $10.00 per hunter.