Statue of Liberty ReplicaStatue of Liberty ReplicaCommemoration of past events, places, and individuals can be found in many of our communities. Unique among these is a replica of the Statue of Liberty dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America, erected in London Mills Riverside Park by a former resident who contributed much service to the organization. Nearby are monuments dedicated to the old mill and veterans of World War II.

Monuments to veterans of past wars can also be found in Canton, Cuba, Farmington, and Lewistown. Impressive monuments dedicated to veterans of the Civil War are found in Fairview, Farmington, Lewistown and Vermont.

Lewistown’s Civil War monument in Oak Hill Cemetery incorporates two pillars from the courthouse where Abraham Lincoln practiced law and delivered a speech on August 17, 1858. A monument on the town square in Vermont also commemorates Lincoln’s speech there on October 27, 1858.